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Multitrade Distributors has been the sole distributor in South Africa for Mitsubishi Materials for 34 years and has built a positive and proud relationship with the company during this time. Different products include tungsten carbide, indexable inserts for turning, grooving, threading, milling, drilling and related tool holders; an extensive range of solid carbide milling cutters, drills and HSS drills for all applications. Mitsubishi Materials Group draws on its metal processing technologies and expertise it has accumulated to support a diverse range of industries, being recognised as a leading manufacturer in both domestic and global markets.


Arno combines German traditions with state-of-the-art cutting technologies worldwide. They achieve outstanding results through continuous research, development and innovation of ARNO tools. Testing and exploring new materials allows them to introduce new high performance products year after year that withstand the wear and tear of high speed and high feed machining. Their modular systems ensure enhanced flexibility for your projects. Customer feedback and team work throughout all departments is the key to leverage their know-how and to fulfil special solutions. Their popular and economical drilling systems SHARK-Drill, SHARK-Drill² and SHARK-Cut, as well as the AKB short hole drill and their large variety of indexable inserts represent their experience and competence in the field of precision tooling. Additional products for milling or parting and grooving make their product range complete. ARNO-Werkzeuge is well known for its reliability and high performance worldwide.


KOMET GROUP specialise in bore machining, short hole drills, reamers and special tooling. Innovative tool concepts and holistic solutions for the bore machining industry, distinguish the Komet Group as a worldwide leader in machining technology. Komet has a reputation of being a manufacturer of premium quality tools, recognising the ideas behind their solutions. In order to benefit their customers, Komet has set a goal of bringing out the added value, they call it TOOL+IDEAS; a new and innovative way of providing customers with permanent and sustained benefits by means of improved support and services.


Since its founding in 1928, Mitsubishi Hitachi has been fulfilling a diverse range of customer requirements with confidence and innovative product developments. Hitachi is constantly offering an updated cutting tool line-up, including tools such as the EPOCH series and ALPHA series.

More than just supplying cutting tools, Mitsubishi Hitachi Tools strive to offer customers Solutions for Milling. They offer a selection of the best tools for milling and methods for improved machining efficiency.

Mitsubishi Hitachi has incorporated the Brand name Moldino to symbolize their firm commitment towards innovation to mold & die manufacturing with strategic focus.


Union Materials Corp. established on June, 2000, has been growing as a worldwide advanced material manufacturer, despite its brief history as a material specialized company.

Union is the largest market supplier in the world with the best quality and technology, especially in the field of magnetron ceramics. It was officially recognized as a manufacturer of a World-Class Product by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy of Korea. With its continuous research and development, Union’s ferrite magnet manifests top-notch quality and satisfies various demands from customers. Consequently, Union won the Best Supplier Awards for the three consecutive years from Bosch, the world largest motor manufacturer.